a Renaissance.

The Foundation for the Future of Classical Music is focused on orchestrating a cultural renaissance for classical music. Through its activities, the Foundation advances public discussion on the importance of classical music, diagnoses the problems facing that sphere today, and seeks solutions that will bring about a cultural renaissance in music.

Orpheus, Cristoforo Stati, 1600–1601


Reexamine the prevailing diagnoses and treatments applied to ailing orchestras.

Advocate concert hall design that prioritizes the congruent, comfortable, and magnetic.

Develop strategies for transforming orchestra unions into a force for good.

Reframe the way that orchestras understand and communicate their contributions.

Build a bridge from unfamiliarity with classical music to eventual connoisseurship.

Measure the orchestra’s actual and potential audience in terms of internal motivations and psychographic insights.

Recover the crucial role of the orchestra in childhood education.

Provide the tools and support symphony orchestras need to aid in their own renewal.


Seaside Symposium: Leon Krier


  • Lecture & Recital at Hillsdale College

    Hillsdale College Christ Chapel

    A concert of original transcriptions of J.S. Bach by Andrew Balio, principal trumpet of the Baltimore Symphony and the founder of the Foundation for the Future of Classical Music.  Bach affirmed that “the aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.” …

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