In an era where change is often equated with progress, the delicate threads that connect us to the masterpieces of our cultural memory are at risk of unraveling. The clamor of distraction and the temptation of neglect threaten to undo what generations of Western civilization have built.

Your contribution to the Foundation for the Future of Classical Music will directly safeguard the timeless treasures of classical music from the perils of modern ideology. Together, we can rekindle the flame of passion for our musical patrimony and weave a resplendent tapestry of harmony and beauty that makes the past part of our present.

The Need For Your Help

Your support is vital to our cause. The generous contributions of our supporters advance our research and education work, help us bring on new staff and fellows, and build a strong foundation for the future of this art. Together, we safeguard the treasures of the past, nurture the talents of young musical geniuses, and orchestrate a renaissance that will echo through generations to come.

Sandro Botticelli: Mary with the Child and Singing Angels (detail), 1477.


$10, 000 or more

Umbrian painter: The Theological Virtues: Faith, Charity, Hope, ca. 1500.


Sir Anthony Van Dyck: Charles I, 1635.



Vittore Carpaccio: St. George and the Dragon, 1502.



Dante and Beatrice speak to the teachers of wisdom Thomas Aquinas, Albertus Magnus, Peter Lombard, and Sigier of Brabant in the Sphere of the Sun, Canto X of Dante's Paradiso. Detail of fresco by Philipp Veit (1793-1877).



Slow Food / Slow Music:
Exploring a New Old Idea in a Full-Length Documentary

What if all our best ideas for saving classical music are wrong?