We need a renaissance in food; We must begin to think about the value of our food, not simply its price.

Our cultural heritage is at risk. The knowledge and traditions behind our food are irreplaceable; if we lose them, they won’t come back.

—Carlo Petrini, Founder of Slow Food International


FSI’s Andrew Balio will appear alongside his long-time friend and the award-winning chef of Woodberry Kitchen, Spike Gjerde, at Classical:NEXT’s conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on May 19th. Together they will be presenting their ideas on The Slow Music Movement: How the Slow Food Grassroots Movement May Light the Path for Music.

The ideas born out of their deep mutual respect for and fascination with each other’s craft have inspired a collaboration that includes both Culture Monster’s accomplished director David Donnelly and the Manhattan Institute’s erudite fellow Heather Mac Donald. We couldn’t be more excited about the film project that is underway because we believe that it will help to ignite this important discussion in broader circles and to generate new ideas about the way we relate to and understand our art form, both as individuals and communities.

This appearance at Europe’s largest classical music forum next month is an opportunity to get that discussion started early. We hope that you will follow these events and wish us well as we pursue a wider audience for our admittedly specialized message for music.